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When elegance matters most 

Modish Me is trusted by many with their most prized collections. Modish Me's luxury accessories are coveted for their elegance, durability, ease of use, and functionality. The best collections always deserve Modish Me

Modish Me Elegance Everyday Collection


Mimosa Sunrise Set


Sunset Vacuum 


Sunrise + Sunset Vacuum


Areator & Vacuum Set 

Designed with beauty and durability 


Strong & Durable 

Durably constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic and silica gel, ModishMe Vacuum Stopper Sets are long-lasting and reusable. Their all-in-1 design makes them convenient for use at home, in restaurants, at parties and for travel.


Universally Compatible

Compatible with most wine bottles, ModishMe Wine Accessories are home bar essentials for the wine aficionado. Their smart, elegant finishes add an aura of distinction to all vintages and types of wines and spirits.


Easy Care & Cleaning

 Wash by hand with mild soap and water keeps your wine accessories in top working order. Reusable and versatile, they help transform any vintage wine or champagne into a decadent sensation for your senses.


Guest Review

"I Love It! Beautiful and gave this as a gift. Lovely presentation."


How long can I store my wine?

Three to seven days max is recommended for best results.

What materials are used?

We use the highest quality impact-resistant ABS plastic and silica gels. This makes our stoppers extremely durable.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a 30 day refund policy for damaged items.

Max shipping quantity?

We will ship as many as our inventory allows for. 

Bulk order discounts?

10% off orders over 100. Contact us for bulk ordering options.

Is there personalization options?

Please contact us for customization of items inquires.